Company units
Introduction of the Company:

Simultaneous with the development of country’s different industries and considering the important role of flexible joints, Erteashat Sanate Arak Company has started its operations since 2001 in the fields of designing, production, and installation of flexible joints with the purpose of meeting a part of domestic industries’ requirements, and eliminating country’s dependency.
This company has carried out different projects, patented three global products, and received three valid international licenses from European Patent Office by using domestic experts and modern production technologies. While developing this company’s operations, investment in fields including experiments, researches, and quality improvement have been considered as the basic factors of its management and operations. There are reasons for the guarantee of this company’s products including the existence of assurance about processes of designing and production, capable engineers, commitment about delivering ordered products, continuous cooperation with European valid brands in order to provide suitable ingredients, performing the process of installation by experts, after sales services and finally, the quality of products. Erteashat Sanate Arak Company could receive IMS license (ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, OHSAS18001: 2007) from an Italian company, which is called IMQ, in order to improve the management and offer approaches of obtaining suitable products’ quality, and consumer satisfaction. This plant’s area is 10000 square meters, of which 2500 square meters is allocated to the production department; however, it is located on Arak’s Kheyrabad industrial estate, which is considered as one of the most important industrial places of the country. Thus, this company could reach to an acceptable position among flexible joints’ consumers.

Production Department:

After receiving of the production order from the planning department, first shop drawings are prepared, then the department experts are going to produce the product by choosing the most appropriate method.
The entire process of this section is under the control of the Quality Control Department, which reduces the potential production mistakes, and improves the quality of the final product.
This department, improves the quality of the product by using modern machine tools and proper hardware and software facilities and steel making methods such as Punch Forming-Roll Forming-Hydroforming, in addition to shortening the production time.

Quality Control:

Quality assurance is a broad concept and includes all the measures and solutions that alone or jointly can affect the quality of the product to ensure the quality of the product is obtained. Therefore, the duties of the quality assurance unit of the Erteashat Sanate Arak Co. can be summarized in a few lines as follows:
Controlling input materials and matching with technical certificate provided by suppliers (metallography).
Perform various inspections on products, including: Pressure test- Radiographic test- Liquid penetrant test.

  • Periodic control of welders.
  • Keep reference standards up to date.
  • Calibration of measuring equipment.
  • Providing final books for custom products in paper and electronic forms.
  • Presenting the final inspection report to the employer in the form of Final Book.
  • Manage and monitor of various required tests for the certification of welders in the company.
Packing Department:

The healthy delivery of parts to the employer is always one of the most important concerns of the Erteashat Sanate Arak Co., because all the efforts made in the process of producing the piece and the finished product are completed with its safe delivery to the customer. Therefore, the way to send and package parts is very important. Packaging Department of Erteashat Sanate Arak Co., by taking into account the sensitivity of parts and type of parts, makes packaging suitable with the Packing List to prevent any damage to the warehouse and transportation.

Trading Department:

In order to satisfy the customer, the first step in producing a quality product is to provide the proper materials. For this purpose, the trading sector of Erteashat Sanate Arak Co., composed of experienced domestic and foreign buyers, is one of the most important units of this company. This department purchases the raw materials required by the projects after the requests of engineering department and in accordance with the standards of AISI, ASME, ASTM, etc. from countries and companies approved by the employer with valid certificates.
The possibility of inspection at the origin by the experts of the employer or international inspection companies, the accuracy, speed of operation, the quality of the materials purchased, etc. are the hallmarks of this department

Planning Department:

Coordination of different units, including sales, production, supply of materials for production, scheduling and issuance of orders, and eventually timely delivery of products to the customer, are the missions of the Planning Department of the Erteashat Sanate Arak Co. . Due to the wide scope of the work, this unit minimized the probable errors with project control software.
Sending up-to-date information from the project to the employer, controlling the production and recording of reports, production events, and receiving analytical information on the amount of production, stoppage cases and reasons, waste, etc. are also other tasks of this department.

Design and Engineering Sales Department:

After receiving customer’s requests, if necessary, this department will send the forms to customers for receiving design information. After receiving the required parameters with the help of special expansion joints software and taking into account the EJMA and ASME standards, they prepare a technical offer, and after confirmation, they will send commercial offer.
Consultation to customers, proper design according to standards, and ultimately the proper selection of the Expansion Joint, in addition to the proper operation of the system, prolongs the life of the joints.
The design and engineering sales department of the Erteashat Sanate Arak Co. with the constructive interaction with the technical expert of the employer, in addition to raising its experience and knowledge, provides the employer with his own experience in order to achieve a better result.