Metal expansion joint:

generally, fluid flows cause changes in temperature or pressure in systems, where piping and Duct has been used, or performance of vibrating instruments such as pump, compressor and also environmental factors such as wind, earthquake and etc. lead to perforce vibrations and shakes, so Metal expansion joint is used to absorb created movements and no transmission of them to existing sets and pipelines. Pipe Vibrations and longitudinal, angular and lateral movements absorption with respect to the way lying is one of Metal expansion joint functions which preventing damage in pipelines. These joints are used in petrochemical, oil, power plants, iron smelting industries, steel complexes, gas, air conditioning and vapor lines and etc.. Flexible steel joints are produced in a variety of single layer, multi layers, welding, flanges, and with fixings. Multi-layer bellows are the most suitable type for reducing and eliminating sound and vibration and not transmitting vibrations to pipelines. Dimensions, size and technical specification is determined based on customer’s need and EJMA standard. For use in chemical lines and heat resistance up to 900 degrees of Celsius, and other special requirements, these fittings are produced with various stainless steel grades.