Quality Control:

Quality assurance is a broad concept and includes all the measures and solutions that alone or jointly can affect the quality of the product to ensure the quality of the product is obtained. Therefore, the duties of the quality assurance unit of the Erteashat Sanate Arak Co. can be summarized in a few lines as follows:
Controlling input materials and matching with technical certificate provided by suppliers (metallography).
Perform various inspections on products, including: Pressure test- Radiographic test- Liquid penetrant test.

  • Periodic control of welders.
  • Keep reference standards up to date.
  • Calibration of measuring equipment.
  • Providing final books for custom products in paper and electronic forms.
  • Presenting the final inspection report to the employer in the form of Final Book.
  • Manage and monitor of various required tests for the certification of welders in the company.